Nina Corti ART

Flamenco - Classical Spanish dance - castanets - choreography

Nina Corti is a famous dancer performing with top musicians of Flamenco, Jazz and the Classical Music world. 


She developed her own unique and expressive style of moving between Spanish Dance, Gipsy music and modern rhythms.

Her castanets technique is world-renowned.


She released over 10 albums including three by Sony Classics.

Nina Corti  has been featured in various TV and Film productions all over the world.


Some of the famous artists who shared the stage with Nina:

Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, Wiener Philharmonics, José Carreras, Gipsy Kings, Maxim Vengerov, Héctor Sandoval, Roby Lakatos, Enrique Morente, Vince Mendoza, Jorge Pardo, Carmina Quartet, Arman Mourzagaliyev, Chico & the Gypsies. 

Forte Music Fest Almaty Kazakhstan - 27 to 29 of May 2016

Forte Music Fest Almaty Kasachstan

Nina danced Fandango with castanets of Luigi Boccherini in company with Jesús Balbi guitar, Dinara Bazarbayeva violin, Askar Duisenbayev violin, Wladimir Kossjanenko viola, Alexei Naidenov cello. 

Fandango of Amadéo Vives, including improvisation parts, played by Arman Mourzagaliyev- violin, Robert Ziganshin classical guitar and Ehduard Dvukhim double base. 

Capricho Español of Franzisco Tárrega, played by Jesús Castro Balbi classical guitar.

Photos by Nikolay Postnikov

Some words by Arman Mourzagaliyev: 

The Forte Music Fest is a privileged occasion, where music, creativity and noble gesture embrace each other for the sake of joyous spirit. 

It presents a variety of musical performances by world's finest musicians and artists, to measure themselves with the greatest pages of classical repertoire. The kind of musical and spiritual gathering, that aims to look tensely at the young generation and bear in mind traditions and intelligence. A musical spree that wants to be coherent and conscious  of the role that music has and can have in a noble and profound pace.

This is Kazakhstan - the land that provided such experience to us all.

This is Almaty - the city of well known apple  gardens, spectacular  mountain views, the city of great tolerance and good people.

This is our festival and we invite the world to get closer through music at the Forte Music Fest.



Many thanks to everybody who was involved in the FMF organization to make that festival enjoyable for all of us musicians and audience.  Many thanks to Arman Mourzagaliev, terrific violinist and appointed Artistic Director of Forte Music Fest, so as well the executive producer of Forte Music Fest, Asem Abdrakhova.

Fondly Nina Corti