Nina Corti ART

Flamenco - Classical Spanish dance - castanets - choreography

Nina Corti is a famous dancer performing with top musicians of Flamenco, Jazz and the Classical Music world. 


She developed her own unique and expressive style of moving between Spanish Dance, Gipsy music and modern rhythms.

Her castanets technique is world-renowned.


She released over 10 albums including three by Sony Classics.

Nina Corti  has been featured in various TV and Film productions all over the world.


Some of the famous artists who shared the stage with Nina:

Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, Wiener Philharmonics, José Carreras, Gipsy Kings, Maxim Vengerov, Héctor Sandoval, Roby Lakatos, Enrique Morente, Vince Mendoza, Jorge Pardo, Carmina Quartet, Arman Mourzagaliyev, Chico & the Gypsies. 

Sharon Isbin, Nina Corti & The City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong

01.11.2019 Friday

Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall

Sharon Isbin guitar
Nina Corti flamenco dance/castanets
Andrew Sewell guest conductor

Boccherini I Guitar Quintet No.4, G.448, Fandango - dance
Bartók I Romanian Folk Dances - dance
Rodrigo I Fantasía para un gentilhombre
Halffter I Sinfonietta

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Dancecamp 2019 of Anastasiya Kravchenko and Jesper Birkehøj in Germany Karlsruhe.

  1. September 2019

La Cetra, Jordi Savall & Nina Corti

29 & 30 of June 2019

Matrinskirche Basel .jpg

Programme: Antonio RODRIGUEZ de HITA, Wolfgang Amadé MOZART, Luigi BOCCHERINI.

Choreography, Dance & Castanets Nina Corti

Impression of the wonderful Dancecamp 2018 of Anastasiya Kravchenko and Jesper Birkehøj in Germany Karlsruhe. Thanks a lot for this great encounter with professional dancers!

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Janoska Ensemble & Nina Corti in Vienna


31 of December 2017 - Wiener Konzerthaus Grosser Saal

Carmen Fantasie - Bizet/Waxman/Janoska Ensemble

Choreography, dance & Castanets Nina Corti


Wonderful experience with the great Janoska Ensemble!

Wonderful experience with the great Janoska Ensemble!

Beautiful event with Janoska Ensemble on Silvester 2017 at Wiener Konzerthaus!

Beautiful event with Janoska Ensemble on Silvester 2017 at Wiener Konzerthaus!



Hamburger Kammermusikfest 2017

Elbphilharmonie Kleiner Saal

Piano Trio Programm - 1st of November 2017

Ludwig van Beethoven, Arvo Pärt, Bechara El Khoury, César Franck, Anna Drubich, Issac Albéniz, Manuel De Falla, Kuat Shildebayev, Astor Piazzolla

Elisaveta Blumina piano, Arman Mourzagaliev violin, Justus Grimm cello, Nina Corti Choreography, dance & castanets



Astor Piazzolla


Arvo Pärt - "Mozart Adagio"


César Franck


Tango- Isaac Albéniz

L1200601_1 2.jpeg

Jota - Manuel de Falla

L1200749_1 2.jpeg

Danza del Fuego - Manuel de Falla

L1200825_1 2.jpeg

Astor Piazzolla " Four Seasons"

L1210254_1 2.jpeg


Fandango - Carmina Quartett & Rolf Lislevand

Kyburgiade 7 of August 2017

Fandango with castanets - Luigi Boccherini 

* Wishing you the very best for 2017*

* May this new year bring you peace and prosperity *

Collage of our event „Music in the time of Goya“  St.John's Smith Square in London, 2 of November 2016

Fotomaterial: Alan Barnes

Music in the time of Goya

St. John's Smith Square  London - 2 of November 2016


After the successful event at the National Gallery London, the program is repeated on an other beautiful location. Nina Corti is visualizing Spanish chamber music, dancing her own choreographies and playing castanets.

The first part of the evening is presented by the Spanish virtuoso pianist José Menor. He is playing Granados masterwork "Goyescas" 


Christin Wismann/voice soprano - Laura Snowden/classical guitar & the Latin Classical Chamber Orchestra. 

Works from Luigi Boccherini, Jacinto Valledor, Enrique Granados, Francesco Geminiani, Antonio Soler, Manuel de Falla, Ludwig van Beethoven, Joseph Haydn ...

More details about the programme you find here!


St John's Smith Square  London .jpg

Nina Corti & Carmina String Quartet 


Chamber Music Festival Daejeon/Seoul - South Korea 22 and 23 of August 2016  


Nina Corti dances to the famous classical music of Luigi Boccherini and Franz Schubert with the Carmina String Quartet & acoustic Guitar, played by Won-Bok-Lee

Programme parts choreographed & danced by Nina Corti: Fandango with castanets (Quintet for Guitar and Strings in D, G.448)  by Luigi Boccherini,  "The Death & the Maiden" (Der Tod und das Mädchen)  by Franz Schubert. As an encore "Viva la Vida" by John Coltrane. 

Fandango with castanets (Quintet for Guitar and Strings in D, G.448)  by Luigi Boccherini - "The Death and the Maiden", String Quartet No. 14 in D minor by Franz Schubert

Many thanks to Hyunjong Kang, violin and Daniel Pezzotti, cello, who joined us for that special occasion!



니나 코르티는 솔리스트 그리고 앙상블로 전 세계 30여 개국에서 활동 중인 댄서로, 세계적으로 유명한 콘서트 홀과 TV 프로그램에 출연 중이다.

오늘날 그녀는 가장 성공한 스페니쉬 춤의 대표자로 국제적인 명성을 얻고 있으며, 호세 카레라스, 막심 벤게로프와 함께 무대에 오른바 있고, 라이프치히 게반트하우스 오케스트라 등 유명 교향악단과 함께 공연을 펼쳤다.

어린 시절부터 받은 폭 넓은 예술 교육 덕분으로 발레와 스페니쉬 댄스, 플라멩코를 클래식 음악과 잘 접목시켜 발전시키고 있고, 피아노 트리오, 클래식 앙상블, 빅밴드, 챔버 또는 교향악단과 함께 플라멩코 앙상블을 프로듀스 하고 있으며, 집시 바이올리니스트 라비 라카토스(Roby Lakatos)와 그의 앙상블과 함께 공연을 펼쳤다.

또한, 최근에는 카르미나 콰르텟, 그리고 색소포니스트 다니엘 슈나이더 (Daniel Schnyder) 와 함께 창의적이고 실험적인 프로젝트를 선보인 바 있다.


 Denpasar-Seminyak /Bali 10 of August 2016


Nina Corti is dancing the famous Fandango with castanets.

 Quintet for Guitar and Strings in D, G.448 by Luigi Boccherini

Forte MUSIC FEST Mai 2016

Almaty / Kazakhstan 29 of Mai 2016



The Forte Music Fest in Almaty Kazakhstan brings together musicians from all over the world to perform classical music during three days.

 Arman Mourzagaliev artistic director

Programme parts choreographed & danced by Nina Corti

Fandango with castanets (Quintet for Guitar and Strings in D, G.448)  by Luigi Boccherini

Capricho Arabe by Francisco Tárrega, classical guitar Jesús Castro Balbi

Fandango Improvisation by Amadeo Vives

Arman Mourzagaliev/violin - String quartet - Dinara Bazarbayeva-Sakhaman, Askar Duisenbayev, Wladimir Kossjanenko, Alexei Naidenov 

Jesús Castro Balbi / classical guitar, Ehduard Dvukhim double base


Assem Abdrakhova Executive producer FMF

Click here to get more informations and pictures! 

Nina Almaty 4.jpg

Fandango- Amadeo Vives - Improvisation together with Arman Mourzagaliev - violin virtuoso and artistic direction of Forte Music Fest. 

Watch the documental about Forte MUSIC FEST in Almaty 2016

Music in the time of Goya  

National Gallery London 27 of November 2015


Nina Corti is invited to dance at the Opening of the Francisco de Goya Exhibition, surrounded of its beautiful paintings in the intimate atmosphere at the National Gallery London.

Amaia Azcona/voice  - Helen Glaisher Hernandez/piano, Eduardo Frías/piano - Isabel Martinez/guitar & String quartet - Violetta Barena/violin, Elena Jáuregui/violin, Cressida Wislocki/viola, Evva Mizerska/cello. 

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Fandango with castanets from Luigi Boccherini - string quartet & Isabel Martinez / classical guitar - Nina Corti dance & choreography

Tonadillas Enrique Granados - Amaia Azcona/voice - Helen Glaisher Hernandez / piano - Nina Corti / dance improvisation

RACHMANIN off FLAMENCO- Flamenco Inspiration 



 Flimsfestival, Musikfestival Laax Falera Switzerland 26 of May 2015

Theater Rigiblick, Zürich 27 of May 2015  



Nina Corti was created a complete new work between Flamenco and classical music. In Madrid she was rehearsing together with the singer Manuel Gago and flamenco dancer Alejandro Granados, followed by rehearsals in Zürich together with all of the classical and Spanish musicians.  


Alejandro Granados /choreography & Flamenco dance - Stefania Veritá / cello - Vicente Cortés / Flamenco guitar - Manuel Gago / Flamenco singer - Isora Castilla / piano - German Papú / percussion, Nina Corti choreography & dance

Nina Corti concept

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